DEF MACHINE: The Rise to Power

Detroit's DEF MACHINE exploded onto the scene with one of the hardest rock-rap songs to date. 

Their newest video “SLAM DANCE” is off the hook. Filmed at the I-Rock Night Club, this song is awesome! From the start, DEF MACHINE’S slam dance hits hard, pummeling away with tasty riffs, pulse-pounding drums, and blistering solos. It doesn't let up. Through it all, Saint Diggidy is a vocal force. He is sick and lays down his vocals with furious flow!  


DEF MACHINE's roster reads like a who’s-who from the Detroit music scene. There is  Joe Mazzola formerly of the band Sponge on lead guitar and Craig "Mr. Groove" Lane on keyboards – he’s played in R J's Latest ArrivalOne Way featuring Al Hudson, and Slum Village. Def Machine's funky drummer Mario Perry played behind notable artists such as Mikki HowardThe Dazz BandAlexander O’Neal, and Detroit’s own Cherrelle. On bass guitar is Avery “Cap” Sims. He studied with some of the most renowned bassists in the country, including Detroit bassist Lamont Johnson (Brainstorm), Anthony Wellington (2nd bassist of Victor Wooten’s Band), and Victor Wooten Bass Clinics and Camps, just to name a few. Avery Sims is also the Promoter and Owner of their label, Sims Entertainment LLC/SEC Records.


DEF MACHINE music could be described as Slam Dance / Rap-Rock but the essential ingredients are the Alcohol, Sex, Drugs, Rap & Alternative Nu-Funk Metal music, all of which can be found in the f**king video... NuffSaid!!!


Go to YouTube and VEVO and search DEF MACHINE’S "SLAM DANCE" featuring Frank Nitt. This music movie will be the #1 Video of 2015.

Danielle Smith-Elliott
Detroit Metro Times & Cleveland Scene